Why I’m Not Voting For Cesar Montano

I’m sorry for this post about local politics. I just had to say something about it. I’m also sorry because this is my first post after being absent for awhile. But I just had to say it.

First things first, I don’t know Cesar Montano personally. I also don’t have anything against him as a person. That being said, here’s why I won’t be voting for him this coming elections.

I was watching or as of this writing still watching a show on GMA 7 wherein they have as guests candidates for senator. There’s a part of this show wherein the candidates will choose from a random set of questions and answer it in the span of 1 minute.

Cesar Montano picked a question given by another candidate. It said something to this effect, “How will you ensure that the coming elections would be a clean and honest election?”. He started his answer by saying we should all pray and then went on to ramble about things totally unrelated to the question. When the time ran out he didn’t answer the question convincingly.

If you’re running for a position such as a senator and your answer to a question like that is “Let’s all pray”, maybe we should. We should start praying that you don’t win.

I’m believe in God and in the power of prayers. I believe both are very powerful but as a senator you can’t rely on just prayers and leave it at that. You need to do your part.

I’m just not convinced that Cesar Montano has what it takes to become an effective senator. He’s a good actor and probably a good person as well. He should stick to doing what he does best.

Should he still want to pursue becoming a senator, then educate yourself better on it. Take more classes related to legislation and such. Don’t just jump in because people wanted you to run.

Ironically another actor said this about becoming an elected official. If I’m not mistaken it was Dolphy, the Philippine’s Comedy King, who said something like “It’s easy for me to run and win in the elections, but what do I do after?”. Now he’s smart. He knows becoming an elected official is not his thing. He didn’t study or prepare for it. Although he can win, it’s not enough. He knows he as well as the country is much better off if he kept doing what he did and that’s making us laugh.

3 Replies to “Why I’m Not Voting For Cesar Montano”

  1. HI Juan! I watched that “isang tanong” show of GMA to the Senatorial Candidates…I did notice that Cesar did not answered the questions. hehehe..
    I also noticed someone who did the same… That singer Victor Wood! whoahh!!! He was really that S****D… Me and my brother couldn’t help laughing at him…
    Anyway, have a good day! 😀

  2. I read Cesar Montano’s advocacies at cesarmontano.wordpress.com

    You cannot just judge a person with Isang Tanong. Look at Chiz who’s very eloquent (in complaining and whining) but haven’t pass any laws yet.

    I believe Cesar can serve our country with honesty and integrity.

    I’ll give him a chance.

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