What’s Wrong With Being Depressed?

An alleged psychological report on presidential candidate Noy Noy Aquion dating back to 1979 has surfaced. According to “this report”:http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/04/27/10/villar-camp-revives-noynoy-mental-health-issue former which NPC President Guido Delgado circulated, a then 19 year old Aquino was said to be “suffering from depression and melancholia” partly due to his father’s incarceration during the regime of Ferdinand Marcos.

This report was supposedly signed by Jaime Bulatao, a Jesuit Priest and was dated August 9, 1979. Father Bulatao through a letter has since denied the report.

However, granting this report is true, what’s wrong with being depressed? Isn’t depression a natural human emotion? I will openly admit that I’ve been depressed several times over the course of my life. Especially because of the trials that I’ve been faced. Is there something wrong with me? Does this mean I am a lesser person than the next because I’ve been depressed? My answer would be no. There’s nothing wrong with being depressed.

At the time that the report was supposedly made Noy Noy was a young man who has gone through a tremendous amount of trials such as the incarceration of his father and the other attacks thrown against his family by their enemies. That’s more than a lot of people could undergo and handle given their youth.

If he became depressed, that would certainly be understandable. What’s important is that he got over it and since then has made something out of his life.

Being depressed is not bad. It’s our way of coping through problems. What’s important is the ability to get over the depression and press forward. As the saying goes, “it’s not how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get up”.

That’s the same with depression. We’ll get depressed as we face trials and that’s fine. We should just find a way to get out of it in a timely manner.

If the worse trait of Noy Noy is that he gets depressed from time to time then I’m willing to live with that. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad leader or a bad person, it only means he’s human.

As the elections draw near, my choice of who to vote for becomes clearer and clearer. I am seeing and sensing desperation from some candidates and this only puts them in a bad light.

A friendly advice to supporters of candidates don’t use tactics like this in order to sway others to your side, it only makes people think less of you and your candidate. If you want to convince me to vote for your candidate show me what they can do, their good qualities. Don’t show me the negative traits of the other candidates. That only makes you look petty.

2 Replies to “What’s Wrong With Being Depressed?”

  1. I think the issue was he was “clinically” depressed, which would make it a medical condition at that point.

    But all the same, that was years ago and duly prompted by a very traumatic experience. I don’t think that episode will resurface today.

    What I imagine the opposition is banking on is IF he has a propensity to become clinically depressed [easily]… because IF that is proven true, then it CAN be an issue as that’s considered to be “mentally unstable” at that point.

  2. Yeah true. But even if it was clinical depression there’s no real quantitative test that I know that can be used to say you do. Only the opinion of the psychiatrist treating you. That can be subjective as well.

    I too don’t think it will resurface.

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