The Winner Is…

We’ll find out tonight, when the “2007 Philippine Blog Awards”: are handed out. Too bad I won’t be able to make it to the award ceremonies.

! (The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards)!

My problem is that it’s my good friend’s 30th birthday. I can only go to one event since I’m having problems with my bi-pap’s batteries. I’m just not sure if I have enough juice for both events. Plus I don’t think I have enough energy for both events. Given it’s 6 weeks plus since my last infusion. So in this light, it’s definitely an easy choice.

While the blog awards are very important. Friends are more important. I will miss networking with other bloggers and attending the event. I’m sure it will be a good one. Oh, and I’ll miss the raffle. Darn!

Good luck to the rest of the nominees. I guess we’ll find out tonight who’ll bag to trophy. For the personal category, which I was nominated for, I think Shari of “Misteryosa”: will bag it. If “this poll”: is any indication of things to come. “Misteryosa”: leads followed by “”:

No bad feelings though, even if I don’t win. Any of these guys are deserving and at the end of the day my goal is still about creating awareness and sharing my life so that others may benefit. The Philippine Blog Awards has already helped a lot in that regard. Traffic to my blog has improved and seen a spike but tappered off already. Still more people have seen it and read through it. That’s good enough.

Good luck everyone! Sorry I couldn’t make it. But like I said, my friend is more important to me than an award. She’ll be 30 and that’s a milestone.

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  1. I share the award to you. You deserve it more than I do. I love your cause, and it’s very evident that you love what you do.

    I must also admit that I myself have taken interest in Pompe’s disease. Hopefully the recent blog awards would still be a big help (besides the traffic) in more ways than one.

    Good luck, and thank you! 🙂

  2. You got it right! 🙂 Next year the PBA should hook up with bookies to collect bets. hehe.

    I was hoping to meet you, man. Sayang. Take care!

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