The 3 Fs and Other New Year’s Resolutions

So it’s the new year. What are your new year’s resolutions? I’ve classified mine into two. The “Serious” or I will kick myself if I don’t do it this year and the “Not So Serious” which will be good if I do it but not really a big thing if I didn’t.

Let’s start with the *Serious*

I’ve decided that this year I will focus on 3 Fs. Namely *Faith*, *Fitness* and *Finances*. Let me explain in brief.

*Faith* – I need to start praying more. God has been tremendously good to me the past year and all years prior to that. I really need to pray more to thank him. But apart from that, I’ve also been going through some trying times this recent past. I know that no one can help me with it except God. I need his guidance.

*Fitness* – It’s been a year since I’ve started my treatments. It has helped me a lot in the sense that I think the disease has slowed it’s progressed significantly if not stopped it from getting worse. I now feel enough strength to start really pushing myself to get into a better state of fitness. My mom and dad got me a hand bike for Christmas and I’ve been doing that regularly the past week. I hope that I can sustain this momentum. I feel a little improvement already. I’m also lining up some other activities.

*Finances* – There’s a lot of things I want to do with my life. Unfortunately with my condition I need money to do those things. So I really need to find a way to improve on my finances. I need to make enough money so I can do those other things.

And now.. the *Not So Serious* resolutions. Some things I want to do this year that aren’t really must do’s but certainly nice to do’s.

Kiss someone I like/love.
Hug someone I like/love.
Go out on a date and I don’t mean out with a friend. A real date.
Worry less.
Get out of the house more.
Watch more movies in the movie house.
Learn a new language.
Make new friends.
Sing a song at the Karaoke Bar.
Plan for life after 30.
Blog/Write every day. Starting now.
Give more.
Forgive more.
Smile more.
Laugh more.
Eat more.
Gain weight.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

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