Thank You

Ever since I started the fight against Pompe, a lot of people have been there to show their support. Of course it doesn’t have to be said that my family was there for me. My immediate family as well as my extended family.

My family knows I’ll forever be grateful to them. I’d like to take this chance though to thank some other people. Friends who’ve gone out of their way to help. In fact I would not have thought that some of these people would care so much. Not because I didn’t think they are caring people but simply because we aren’t that close. That being said, some people are just kind and generous that you don’t have to be that close for them to come to your aid. I thank God for these people.

I’d like to start by thanking fellow patients that have been there to support each other through this battle. Maryze and Tiffany two women I’ve known for some time, albeit only through email and chat. Still I feel really close to them having shared similar experiences. They are pillars in the fight against Pompe. These two have fought hard so other patients may have a better chance in beating this disease.

Recently I’ve got to know other patients a bit better through GSDnet and through this blog. J.R. and Joe are just two of those patients. We’ve exchanged emails and words of encouragement. Thanks guys.

A special thanks goes to Kevin. He was my former boss albeit for a short time. Even though we didn’t get a chance to get to know each other well enough in person, we kept in touch via email and instant messaging long after we parted ways professionally. Upon hearing the start of my treatment, he said he wanted to help. He shared in my belief that I should start putting health first and have work take a back seat. Rallying his friends and family, Kevin has now started a way of helping me out. Special thanks also goes out to Kevin’s family and friends. Kathryn, Art, Alex, Kim, DT and Connie are just some of these. God bless you guys.

It doesn’t have to be said that thanks goes to the wonderful doctors that I have. Drs. Estrada, Alcausin, Padilla, Silao, Gotiongko, Dr. Jorge are the fine team of doctors that care for me. They play a big part in keeping me healthy and alive.

Thanks to the people at Genzyme. Dra. Jimenez, Patrick, Jamie, Mark, Julie, MaryBeth, and the countless other people who work tirelessly to help create a treatment for Pompe.

These are just some of the people who make my world better. There are others to thank however they skip my mind right now. Charge that to my mental lapse due to it being 1 a.m. I will thank them next time.

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel. I am comforted with the thought that in this world of ours wherein much bad things have happened lately, there are people who still make this world a great place to live in. Silently they work their miracles in other people’s lives. Not wanting any recognition in return. Just the simple satisfaction that they’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Fight Pompe!

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