PSOD Partners with Ayala Foundation USA

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I’m very happy to say that the “PSOD”: has started its partnership with “Ayala Foundation USA”: The “Ayala Foundation USA”: has graciously allowed us to use their facilities and resources to accept donations from people in the United States.

Donations sent to the “PSOD”: via the “Ayala Foundation USA”: is tax deductible.

The “PSOD”: is the organization we help put up to assist People with rare disorders here in the Philippines. Our country has very limited resources and people with rare disorders have no access to these limited resources. We’re looking to change that.

Everyone has a right to live. It doesn’t meant that if you’re afflicted with a rare disorder that you have less rights to medical treatments and resources. Unfortunately most resources are put to diseases that are more common. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with helping people who are in the minority.

If you’re residing in the United States and want to help the “PSOD”: out, please donate via the “Ayala Foundation USA”: Please specify that the money you’re giving is for the “PSOD”: The money you’ll be giving will be put into an endowment fund that will help fund our programs for the years to come.

Thank you in advance.

Links to AFUSA
“Donor Page”:
“Projects page where PSOD is listed”:

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