Prayers Needed

It’s been 21 infusions so far and we only have enough supply for 2 more infusions. The good news is that “Genzyme”: will be sending the supply for the next 3 months. The bad news is, the tax exempt papers for the “Myozyme”: hasn’t been signed yet. That’s a big problem. If it doesn’t get signed there’s a good possibility that my treatments will be postponed. That’s something that I sincerely don’t want to happen. It would be a shame to stop now even if it’s temporary. I’ve been doing slow and steady progress and I don’t want anything to derail that. It’s also a shame that the time my supply runs out is roundabout the same time as my birthday. That’s going to be a sad birthday indeed.

So, I’m asking for your prayers. Please pray that the papers get signed and “Myozyme”: gets shipped on time. Thanks in advance.

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