Well thanks to “Nina”:http://ninascoops.blogspot.com again, I’ll be featured on Pipol. To be honest, I don’t really like attention but this is for creating awareness for Pompe so I wanted to do it.

It’s really important to create awareness. Especially for such a rare disease. If you get to watch it tonight, thanks. If not, try to catch the replay. It will be aired on ANC. Saturday or Sunday I think.

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  1. Hello Dickoy. I just watched you on Pipol so I wasted no time looking for your blog. Thank you very much: I’m glad I watched you tonight and discovered your blog which, I am sure, will be a constant source of inspiration for me and for many other people. Go Dickoy! We’re all rooting for you!

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  5. saw you in pipol last night.. thank you for showing me and the world that such a disease exists. you are an inspiration. you are amazing.. keep on fighting!

  6. hi dickoy i am a registered nurse in LA, it was my day off, and i tried watching filipino channel til i fall asleep, but when i see your story, it keeps me more awake and listen to you. you are very strong, you are amazing! i wish when i go home to manila i will get a chance to see you! good luck and you take care of your self.

  7. Hi. My father got to see the aired episode recentyl, and forwarded this URL to me. He’s a doctor, and thought it would be interesting for a medical student like me to understand Pompe’s.

    I admire your stand and wish you fulfillment in whatever your heart desires.

  8. Hello! My husband and I were inspired by your story in Pipol. Seeing how you are fighting to lead a normal life is an inspiration to us. You see, we have a 1-year old daughter who is also afflicted with a life-threatening disease. Her name is Nikki and she is our life. Nikki has Haddad Syndrome, a very rare disease. Apparently, there are only 29 cases in the whole world and Nikki is the only diagnosed case here in the Phil. She needs to be ventilated by a respirator during her sleep (it used to be 24 hours a day) that’s why she has a tracheostomy that was placed when she was only 1 month old. She has also undergone several operations for her large intestine disease (Hirschprung’s) that is part of her syndrome. I was very touched to hear about your story cause I also dream for Nikki to have a normal life. A normal life for me is one that enables her to explore her wishes, dreams and ideas. The problem with our Nikki is she is unable to breathe effectively while she is asleep. She does not feel the need to breathe even though she is already turning blue cause the automatic control for breathing in her brain malfunctions. She also used to have a colostomy bag for 8 months due to her large intestine disease. I really do want you to know about her cause she is also an inspiration to other people. I’d like to send you her picture so you could see why. She was already featured twice in Magandang Umaga Pilipinas during her critical period in the NICU. By the way, she spent her 1st year of life at the hospital. We were able to finally go home a day before her 1st bday, with the ventilator, suction machines etc of course :). It was really hard for us during the time that her diagnosis was being established because her disease was known by only a handful of doctors and it was a diagnosis of exclusion. Like you, they even thought that she had muscular dystrophy due to her respiratory problems. She will be needing the ventilator probably her whole life. As a parent, it was really hard for us to see our daughter so sick and having such a complicated care but seeing her fight was such a special blessing for us. You were right. Everyone and everything has a purpose in this life. Some things happen for a reason. We also hope that Nikki will inspire other people when she grows up. Please email me so that I can forward to you Nikki’s pics. Thanks a lot for your story! God bless!

  9. i’m greatly touched by your courage and strong will to live life to the fullest!My prayers for you and for your family….I’ve watched your story on pipols…take care,dickoy.

  10. hi dickoy. i got to watch your story on pipol and your resiliency is inspiring. i hope you will continue to inspire kids and adults alike about life,survival and hope.

  11. hi dickoy,
    ive seen few minutes of your story in pipol and regret not seeing the beginning so i thought ill catch you here in your blog. nway, just to let you know—- you inspire me and all other millions out there.your courage and your voice keep you strong day by day. Ingat parati.

  12. hi dickoy,ive watced pipol thru tfc.i am a nurse working in england.you really touched my heart…you inspire me to be stronger and to be more sensible to whatever life it may seems to bring us.i hope i will see you in person…god bless and keep fighting…

  13. i have watched you in tv patrol abs-cbn. i am touched of your story. And i also admire you that despite of your health u were able to work. you are smart. i salute you! “God please help and bless this guy” Stay optimistic Juan, we will pray for you to get back to your normal health.

  14. hello dickoy, ill pray for u! keep fighting and i truly admire your will to stay useful as a person and u never give up. u really touched my heart and ur an inspiration to everyone!! stay happy and be courageous. __ (Aim`less is my irc nick)

  15. Hi! Dickoy

    I really like your attitude and fighting spirit. I watched you in People, even you have like that kind of disease i know you are lucky, your so SMART! You really touched my heart. GOD BLESS! i pray for you everyday, i hope there’s a Miracle!

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