Maryze and Anton

Maryze and Anton Toasting One of the great things that has happened as a result of having Pompe is meeting amazing people. I met Maryze years back. She also suffers from Pompe. Anton is her boyfriend.

The great thing about Maryze is that despite having Pompe, she has done a lot. Not just for herself but for other Pompe patients as well. Not to mention other countless people she encounters everyday. She works with the IPA (International Pompe Association) to push for programs for other patients. Despite her having a difficult life, she’s devoted to making the lives of other patients better. She’s done sooo much, for me and for others. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Anton on the other hand is also terrific for another reason. He met Maryze before the effects of Pompe was that apparent. Till now he has stayed with Maryze despite what has happened. I think they share love, in the true sense. Through thick and thin they’ve stayed with each other. Anton’s a great guy. Definitely. They’re both lucky to have each other.

Now in the picture attached to this entry shows Maryze and Anton proposing a toast. They promised to propose a toast when I started my infusions. True to their word that’s what they did.

Thanks guys!

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