Juan Day At A Time

I got “featured”:http://www.philstar.com/philstar/NEWS200610021703.htm again on a local newspaper here in Manila. “Bernadette Sembrano”:http://www.bernadettesembrano.com/ wrote an article last Monday featuring me and “PSOD”:http://www.psod.org.ph. It was a nice article. I thank Bernadette for doing the piece. Not becaus e I got featured again but because PSOD got featured. Any publicity for PSOD is welcome.

To all those who left comments on my blog after reading the article, many thanks. I always appreciate hearing from you guys.

4 Replies to “Juan Day At A Time”

  1. Hey there, most eligible bachelor! 😉 Great article. I’m happy to know that PSOD is getting the publicity it deserves. Here’s to more features…

  2. I found your site while researching about neuromuscular disorders and I remembered watching you on television. You have been an inspiration to me. I hope I was as strong as you. Always remember that you are heart and not your body… your will, and your hopes and dreams!!! Is it ok if I link your site to mine?

  3. hi! i read bernadette’s article on you at philippine star newspaper. could you pls post some of the pics taken durind her visit to your apartment? tnx!

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