Glad I Could Help

I got an SMS message from a friend of mine who happens to be the head of my group in Singles For Christ. We had our weekly meeting the night before. He invited an old friend of his to join us. His friend was looking for a group to join to hopefully uplift her spirituality and faith.

Our meeting went very well. I was able to share some, ok a lot of the life lessons I’ve learned dealing with Pompe. Apparently she liked them and helped her a lot.

She sent a message to my friend thanking him for inviting her and sharing that she felt better after. She mentioned that she liked what I shared and that in a small way it helped her.

That felt really good. I’m glad that through the struggles I’ve gone through and continue to do so, I learn things that I’m able to share with other people. Somehow it manages to help them. That’s good.

A life lived making a difference to other people is a life worth living. Glad I can live a life like that. Glad I could help.

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  1. Hello again, Juan

    I and my two colleagues here in Australia work with Wayne and Stella through our company STICKY PICTURES. We would like to make a donation to assist in the fight against Pompe, in honour of Wayne and Stella’s wedding.

    Could you please advise me where to send this donation, including the Branch address of the Bank and the Account name and number? Many thanks.

    Best wishes

    Tim Brooke-Hunt

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