Exercising Pays Off

I’ve been diligently exercising my arms the past two weeks. Ever since my mom and dad got me a hand bike, I’ve been trying to do at least 10 mins a day on it.

When I started almost 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t turn the pedal a full 360 degrees on my own. This was without resistance. So my aide had to assist me. I did that for two weeks. 10 to 15 mins with slight assistance to build strength and endurance.

To my pleasant surprise, I tried it turning it on my own today and I could do about 2 mins without any assitance. So I was able to complete my 10 mins in 2 mins intervals with some rest in between. Without any help! Woohoo! Exercise for the first time in a long while actually pays off.

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  1. Just browsing the net, I have the same problem. I’m 39. Not very good with a computer. Wanted to see if this message gets through.

  2. Juan,

    This is excellent news! I think it is great that you are exercising. I remember how Maryze always exercises during her infusion…it helps the blood move through the body!

    Anyway, I hear you will have a visitor on Sunday. I hope you get a haircut and shave!

    I’m off to Japan to visit my colleagues there…I really look forward to my trip.

    Please have a great New Year and I will speak to you when I get back.



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