I’ve had a headache for the most part of the day today. So when I felt dizzy I thought it was just a result of my headache. “Earthquake” my brother said. He was sitting beside me. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed the chandelier swaying. It was rocking back and forth. Swaying side to side then in sort of a circular motion. It was an earthquake indeed.

The earth beneath us rocked at about 10:20 to !0:30 p.m. I didn’t get to check the exact time. I was still in shock. My heart was still pounding.

An earthquake scares me for the same reason ghosts scare me. It’s because I can’t run. If something happens I’m stuck here, helpless where I sit. That’s why I’m scared. If I could run, I probably won’t be as scared. It also doesn’t help that we live on the 24th floor. I’ve loved the place where we live. It’s small but nice and in a good location in the city. But after several earthquakes.. I think it’s about time to live somewhere closer to the ground. It’s just that.. I don’t think we can move anytime soon.. Oh well such is life.

Still no word from the local news web sites and TV. I’ll post links as soon as I see them.

Still.. I thank God we’re safe. I hope you are too.


So apparently it was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Central Philippines. It hit at 10:30 p.m. and the epicenter was somewhere 35 kilometers south of Boac, Marinduque. Manila (where I live) felt an intensity 4 earthquake. But at 24 floors up in the air it felt more than that.

Read about it “here”:

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