Claiming It By Faith

We’re pushing through with the infusion on Tuesday. What’s the significance of that? Well I only have enough Myozyme for one more infusion. There’s some that’s on the way but it’s not here yet nor do I know when it will be here.

I’ve talked to my doctors about this. We even contemplated on postponing the infusion for another week to give more time for the new batch of Myozyme to arrive. In the end my doctors decided to push through with it.

I guess that’s the sign that I was asking for. I’m just claiming it by faith. Faith in God. Faith in the fact that God will do his best to make sure it arrives on time. He hasn’t let me down. So I claim it by faith.

It will arrive.. Oh yes, it will arrive.

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  1. Just Hang in there, God will never leave you nor forsake you, ‘God is too wise to be mistaken, God is too good be unkind when you dont understand, when you dont see His hand, TRUST HIS HEART. God bless! Are we related to each other?

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