32nd Infusion

I got my 32nd infusion last May 15. The actual infusion day/process pretty much went the same as it usually does. But there are events and circumstances prior that were a bit different.

The night before, we checked into the hospital. We arranged for a rental BiPap machine to serve as a backup to the one I was using. They didn’t have the same model as the one I’m using. Instead they had the older BiPap S/T available. We went ahead and rented that. Even if I couldn’t sleep anymore with that type of machine, at least I could be kept alive with it. Losing sleep is much better than not being able to breathe.

The thing is… when they brought the machine to the room, the guy didn’t bring a calibration machine. He assumed that the machine would give the pressure that the dial was turned to. Granted that’s the case usually. However since this is a rental machine, we bought bacteria filters to use with it. I wasn’t sure who had used this prior and if they cleaned it well. I didn’t want to catch a disease from the machine. The downside about the bacteria filter is it obstructs the airflow quite a bit. So the settings that the machine is set to isn’t accurate anymore. The only way you’d get the correct read out now is through a manometer, which he didn’t have. Oh well.. So I couldn’t use the machine. We still decided to keep it though just in case my good machine conks out.

My mom actually fainted due to that event. She freaked out because I couldn’t use the machine and she was really worried for me. If the good machine I was using decides to quit in the middle of the night, it would mean real trouble. She was ok though by the end of the night. We reassured her that it was usable and we just had to take out the filter.

Apart from that incident, everything else was pretty much quiet. We were able to start on time and finish early. I was supposed to have physical therapy after but I begged off since I had to come home early and wait for the technician to look at my machine again.

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  1. I was searching for ivan acuna’s work for me to familiarize with the artists’s work but i stumbled in your homepage. im really moved with your story and god, you are sooooo handsome. i pray that you will be fine always! best regards!

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