31st Infusion

My 31st infusion started a day early that what it was supposed to be. May 1 is Labor Day and as such a non-working holiday. It fell on a Tuesday which coincides with my infusion day.

Since it’s a holiday the regular hospital staff has the day off. Only essential staff and doctors will be on duty. So we decided to move it up a day. Instead of May 1 I would be having my infusion on April 30.

Like most infusions it went pretty well. Except we started a little bit later. The Rehab doctor stopped by prior to us starting and talked to me. We’re starting a new program and hopefully that would really help improve my condition.

The whole infusion went well. Things of note though were, this is the first infusion that my mom wasn’t there, my doctor felt ill while we were having our infusion, we started a little bit later than usual. Apart from those things were pretty much as they usually are on any given infusion day.

I really thank God that so far so good.

Oh, my doctor said that the next ICAP approvals were already a done deal. Hopefully we get the next batch of enzymes before this current supply runs out.

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  1. hi juan, just blog hopping by. got curious with the blog pix of yours with the tube on the nose i thought you must be some Starwars-fanatic guy. i never thought it’s a serious thing until i’ve read the content. yea, forget about my silly thinking, i usually forget to pick my manners in bed.

    the way I read it, you must be an awesome guy. you have done more than any other persons have done in a lifetime. your parents must be proud.

    be dropping by a lot oftener to know more about you and the pompe thing.

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