26th Infusion

Well… I forgot to write about this one after I had it. The reason I remembered is that I’m going for my 27th this Tuesday.

The 26th infusion went well all in all. There were several things that weren’t normal. One of my regular aides, wasn’t available that night. He had to go home to the province to take care of some stuff. He’s resigning next month and so after 3 years of service it’s time for him to move on to better things.

I’m actually quite a creature of habit when it comes to things like my infusion. I like things that are familiar. I wear the same things during my infusion day, eat relatively the same type of food, do the same routine. This time though I didn’t have my regular aide plus I forgot my lucky Livestrong bracelet. So needless to say I was a bit uneasy.

However the next day proved to be much like any other infusion day. Things went without a hitch. I had a quiet but pleasant day.

Looking back, I’m grateful to have reached the 26th infusion without any major headache.

Some patients have experienced adverse reactions after 30 or so infusions. So I’m actually quite nervous but I’m just relying on the fact that I’ve never really gotten allergies much in my life. I’m hoping that my body will continue to accept Myozyme and we’ll proceed without a hitch.

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