1st Fight Pompe Illustration

I’m very happy this morning. Early morning I should say… May Ann Licudine is an artist that was introduced to me by my friend Nikki. I was looking for an artist that could help me create an illustration for Fight Pompe. Something that I could use to pilot my awareness campaign as well as to kick off the fund raising project I want to do.

I believe nothing happens by chance. It’s by God’s grace that I met May Ann. From the moment Nikki told me about her and when I saw her works, I knew I found the right artist.

May Ann also has hearing impairment a form of disability. But true to my belief that when people focus on their “ThisAbility” they can truly shine. May Ann is a very gifted and talented artist. It’s my honor and privilege to have her create the first illustration for Fight Pompe.

Fight Pompe Illustration

Let me tell you a bit about the illustration. I wanted to create an illustration that will depict the fight against the disease called Pompe. At the same time I wanted to show the courage of the people fighting Pompe. I chose an illustration depicting children because a lot of Pompe patients are children. They have truly show tremendous courage in dealing with the disease. I wanted to honor their fight. So that’s how the concept came to be.

I’ll be coming up with some other things in the days to come to kick-off the awareness and fund raising campaign. Check back soon.

Thanks May Ann… I love the drawing.

Fight Pompe!

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  1. bro, this is amazing…great testimonials…i’m sure it’ll inspire more and more. tell me bout the fund raiser, wanna help out on this bro! see ya soon!

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