10th Infusion

I just came back from my 10th infusion last night. Like most of my infusions it went well.

Some new things though. One, we brought along my new aide. Temporarily taking the place of my old one. My new aide, Junior is the brother of Mike. He’ll be taking Mike’s place till he comes back from vacation. How long… I’m not really sure. It’s an indefinite leave. I hope it’s a short one. He said he’ll try to come back in a few weeks. Anyway, Junior came with us to the hospital to learn the ropes.

Another thing, I’m getting used to getting a needle stuck in my arm. During the first few infusions, I really couldn’t look at my arm when they stuck the needle in. I had to close my eyes every time and think of something else. This time though I was able to look at the procedure while it was being done. One thing I observed, the “thingy” they stick in your vein, at first I thought that the needle that they stuck in stayed there the whole time. I was wrong. The needle is attached to a plastic device that remains in the vein when it’s stuck. The needle to my relief is pulled out after. Imagine that… All this time I thought it was stuck in my arm. I wouldn’t move my arm because of fear that the needle might stick somewhere else… Now I’m relieved that it’s just plastic that bends quite easily. At least I know I can now move my arms better.

As for the rest, it’s same old, same old. I lie in bed, they stick the I.V. in, the infusion goes on for several hours, they take the I.V. out, I rest and they observe and finally a few hours after I get to go home. Oh, lunch is somewhere there in between.

Not very exciting but like I said before… That’s the way I like it.

Fight Pompe!

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