V-Mall Trip

I found myself in V-Mall yesterday for the first time since it opened. It’s quite ironic since V-Mall is like 5 mins walk (or roll in my case) from where I live.

I live in a place called greenhills. The building where I live in is near the commercial center. It’s a popular commercial area here in Manila. Ever since I could remember people have been going to Greenhills to shop. I used to go there a lot before we moved to that area. Then when we moved to Greenhills I suddenly found myself not going as much. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because since it’s near it’s not that appealing anymore. Maybe I just took it for granted.

Anyway, yesterday our home was scheduled to have pest control services done. It was set at 2:30 p.m. Usually when pest control is done I just go out of the unit and stay in the hallways until it’s ok to come back in. I haven’t been out of the house much the past two weeks since I’ve been sick so I decided to go to V-Mall and have a look see. They just renovated it. It used to be called Virra Mall and now it’s named V-Mall. Also one of the reasons I didn’t go there before was that Virra Mall didn’t have an elevator. So I was confined to the ground floor. They put in an elevator during the renovation. So I could now go to the upper floors.

I met my dad in V-Mall. He was having his car washed in a place near that as well. We went around the mall checking out the stores. I was interested in seeing the computer and electronics section on the third floor. That’s where we spent most of our time. Checking out new stuff.

I made sure to visit two of the stores that I’ve head a lot about. The first is Digital Walker, owned by my friend and fellow PhilMugger Charlie Paw. I’ve bought some stuff from them but I just asked someone to go to the store.

The next store I visited is iStudio. It’s a new store that sells Apple stuff. The store is also owned by a fellow PhilMugger. It’s a nice store. One of the owners came up to me and introduced himself. He asked if I was from PhilMug as well. I said yes.

Below is a picture of me infront of a bookstore. I’m a bit funny looking in this one…


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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    It’s so nice to know that you had time to go and visit the V-Mall, i was also surprised when i last visited it on April, so much has changed, and it is for the better. You look nice on your picture.

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