Unlikely Reminder

Sometimes affirmation comes from the most unlikely places, somewhere totally unexpected. I guess that’s how you know that the message is clear.

Yesterday affirmation came from Justin Bieber. Whut?! How’d that happen?

I bought “Songs for Japan” months ago. It’s a compilation album sold on iTunes. Proceeds of which go to the tsunami relief effort in Japan. One of the songs included in the compilation was Justin’s song called “Pray”.

I had my music player on shuffle as I was on my way to the hospital for my infusion. Justin’s song found its way in the rotation.

I’m nowhere near a Justin Bieber fan. Somehow I like this particular song. It has a good message and a good beat to match. It’s uplifting.

I guess when God wants to talk to you he’ll do it in such a way that it’s clear. Making me listen to a Bieber song can’t be any clearer. He wants me to continue doing this.

On my third day of praying, I was starting to feel happy again. I don’t expect my fears to magically disappear or my life to suddenly fall into place. However I’m starting to feel that things will be ok. Here’s a portion of the lyrics that I found really nice.

bq. ‘Cause I know there’s sunshine behind that rain I know there’s good times behind that pain Can you tell me how I can make a change?
I close my eyes and I can see a brighter day I close my eyes and pray I close my eyes and I can see a better day

bq. I close my eyes and pray for the brokenhearted I pray for the life not started I pray for all the ones not breathing I pray for all the souls in need I pray, can you give ’em one today?

Yesterday my infusion went well. It took one needle prick to get the line in. I was able to sleep during the infusion, checking out of the hospital wasn’t much of a hassle. Oh and I followed one advice from an article I read on Facebook the other day. It said, life’s never too busy to have a cup of coffee with a friend. In this case several friends.

If you want to listen to the song I mentioned, I’m attaching the video below. There’s also a nice quote at the end of the video that says.

bq. God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.

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