To Dad On Father’s Day

There’s one thing I never joke about. I never joke about wanting any other parents other than the ones I have. My Dad and Mom are two of the best people I know. I believe that God puts people in your life for a reason. He knew that without my parents I can’t survive the challenges I’m going through.

I wrote about my mom last Mother’s Day so it’s Dad’s turn today.

It’s hard to put down into words how much I love and appreciate my dad. I don’t think I’m that good of a writer to do him justice. Since it’s Father’s Day though I thought I’d try at least.

It’s a coincidence that one of the thing’s I’ll remember my Dad for the most is about how he supported what some can argue as one of the craziest things I’ve done in my life. It has something to do about love.

About 12 years ago I wanted to go to US. The reason I wanted to go there was so I can visit my ex-girlfriend whom I was trying to get back with. She could not come home because she was working on getting her residency. She said that she wanted us to see each other again to know for certain if she still loved me and if we can make our relationship work.

Flying halfway across the world to see a girl is crazy on its own. It’s crazier when you’re in my situation and you need to prepare really well just to make it happen.

My Mom and Dad agreed to let me go even if they knew it would entail great risk and resources to make my wish happen. They knew though that it was something that I had to do while I still could.

My Dad helped me put the trip together. It took almost a year of planning and saving. I saved most of my salary that year towards the trip. It wasn’t enough though. We would need 4 plane tickets plus travel expenses. My Dad, an aide and myself would fly to New York. Dad would make sure I got settled in before flying back to Manila. He would come back for me after a month and a half so we can start our journey back home.

My Dad stepped in and helped me out with the tickets. I’m not sure if he used his airline miles of if he had to pay for some but he made it happen. He also made sure I had everything I needed as well as gave me tips on what to do. His job made him a seasoned traveller and he had a lot of good tips on travelling, from packing to preparing for emergencies. He planned our itinerary that made sure I got there as soon as I could but without tiring me.

We were supposed to leave on September 9th 2001. We had trouble getting the airline to approve the use of my BiPAP machine onboard the plane. It would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Had we pushed through with our original plans we would have been in New York on September 10th. My Dad was going to meet his friend the next day for breakfast in New York City. He would have been caught in the chaos that ensued. In hindsight it was God’s way of making sure that my Dad would be safe.

Something like that should have stopped most people. I was hard headed at that time and I still wanted to push through despite what was happening in New York.

Dad worried but he never waivered on his promise to help see my wish come true. A month and a half after we landed in JFK International Airport where I finally saw my ex-girlfriend again.

Much can be said about that adventure but I’m not really here to write about that. I brought it up because it’s a testament to how great my Dad is and how much he loved my brother and I.

It wasn’t easy not to mention cheap to help make the trip. God knows he could have used his money elsewhere and did something else with his time and effort. He wanted to see me happy. He knew it was important to me, hence it was important to him.

That’s just the kind of person he is. He values our happiness more than his. He has constantly sacrificed for our family. He works hard to provide the best life he can for us. He has never asked for anything in return except that we do the best we can with what he can provide.

I’ve met a lot of great men in my life. I know men who have built vast fortunes, received accolades right and left, men who in the eyes of many stand above most men. Not one of them in my eyes can ever replace my dad at the number one spot of the greatest men that I know. He will always be my number one hero.

If I can be half of the man my dad is I should be so lucky. He’s a tough act to follow. That’s why I never joke about wanting any other dad than my own.

Dad, I wish I could be as good a son as you are a father to me. In a few months you’ll be a grandfather, Steve’s son will be truly blessed to have a grandfather like you. On this Father’s Day I wish you good health and happiness. Know that you and Mom are the ones that keep me going. I would have have given up long ago if it wasn’t for your love and support.

I will love you always.

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  1. This is so amazing!!! What synchronicity! Scott, my ex-bf who is now my husband visited me in Manila when I couldn’t fly to the UK for him and his dad flew with him to make sure that he is settled and went back for him too :)).

    1. Wow! We have that in common then. I love my dad for what he did for me. To some it was a crazy thing to do. My dad probably thought the same thing. But he knew that it meant a lot to me. So crazy as it seemed he did it for me. I will forever be grateful to him for the amazing journey we had.

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