Thoughts On The Upcoming Presidential Elections

The election is less than 10 days away and the jockeying for votes is reaching a high. Campaign jingles blaring during the day, countless ads being aired on tv and radio. Even my current favorite past time of browsing Facebook and Twitter is being invaded by political messages. So I thought I’d just go ahead and share my thoughts on the upcoming Presidential elections.

First and foremost what I sincerely wish for is a clean and honest election. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. So if Erap wins but it’s clearly shown that it’s the people’s choice and he’s the clear winner then so be it. We get the leaders we deserve but at least it was the true choice of the people. What I really don’t want is a President that cheated his way to the top.

That being said, here are my thoughts on the candidates for President.

*Noynoy Aquino* – He’s currently the person I’m most likely to vote for. Here’s why. There are two issues that are very close to my heart, health care and education. I truly believe that these two need to be addressed in order for the other ills of our society to be fixed. A healthy nation is a strong nation. An educated nation is a prosperous nation.

Aquino’s health care plan promises universal health care for Filipinos within 3 years and of the national budget to be allocated to health care.

The Aquino education platform also calls on focus on science and math which I believe are essentials for us to prosper as a nation. These subjects are the foundation of knowledge jobs such as medicine, engineering. I don’t want the Philippines to be just a nation of call centers and factories but rather a nation that is known for research, development and products that were born here and not just manufactured here. These are subjects that need to be learned and excelled at in order to do these.

A lot has been said about Noynoy’s qualification. That’s what they also said about Barack Obama. Some times it’s not about the length of service or how many laws you’ve been able to craft. I think this time we just need a President who can inspire hope in us. A President who can help us get our act together and push us forward.

Noynoy is just the son of Cory and Ninoy and nothing more. That’s what a lot of people say. Well I can also say that the Apple does not fall far away from the tree. If he inherited a fraction of his parent’s traits that would be better than most people running now.

But what reassures me about my choice is that you can tell a lot about the candidate by the team he put together. Among all of the candidates Noynoy has arguably the best people running with him. From Mar Roxas to his senate slate. I believe that that these are people I can stomach as public servants.

*Gibo Teodoro* – He would have been neck and neck with Noynoy for my vote if not for several things. First, he’s just too associated with GMA. I hate GMA with a passion.

Also, if his choice of VP is any indication of his leadership then I really don’t want him as my President. Of all 80 million Filipinos why would you choose Edu Manzano? Now don’t even get me started with his choice of Senators, Bong and Lito Lapid? Are you kidding me?

For a candidate who’s supporters are espousing that Gibo is the choice of the thinking man he didn’t put a lot of thought in his team.

A lot of people keep lambasting Noynoy about Hacienda Luisita, isn’t Gibo a Cojuangco too?

*Manny Villar* – C5, allegations of bribery and other unethical conduct as Senate President, Loren Legarda are just all the reasons I need not to vote for him.

*Dick Gordon* – He would also have been a strong candidate for my vote. He has both executive and legislative experience and has been successful in transitioning Subic from a US base to what it is during his time.

However, he just comes across as someone that’s temperamental and egotistical. A President needs to be first and foremost humble because he is in fact the number one servant of the people. Sadly humility is not Dick’s strong suit.

*Bro. Eddie Villanueva* – My biggest problem with him is that I am not a believer of having a preacher as a President. I believe that there should be a separation of church and state and I am afraid that if he’s President he might push his religious biases onto the people.

Also by insisting that he is God’s chosen one, every time he loses he is doing God a disservice. He’s making a case for people to think God doesn’t exist. If God indeed chose him, he would have been President years ago.

Please don’t use God as a campaign tool. If God wants you to be President you don’t need to tell people that, God will do that for you.

*Nicky Perlas* – He’s a good man. I believe this wholeheartedly and if I was President I would not mind having him in my cabinet. I wish he started slightly lower first and worked his way up. Maybe Mayor, Governor or something.

*JC Delos Reyes* – Like Nicky I believe he’s a good person. Try a lower position first and work your way up. He’s still young and he has a lot of time to ascend to higher office.

*Jamby Madrigal* – no comment.

Those comments being said there are still less than 10 days away from the elections, until my vote is cast it’s not certain. I can change my mind. If anyone can convince me that their candidate will be able to address the issues that I care about better then please by all means, convince me. If you do, I’d be happy to change my vote.

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