The Year That Was (2007)

In a few hours 2007 will pass and we’ll usher in 2008, a new year. I’m taking the chance to look back at the year that was.

2007 started out rocky for me. I said goodbye to a very important relationship and while we’re friends, I don’t think it will ever be the same. At that time I honestly thought that I would not be able to recover from that loss. I think most of us think that way when we’re in the middle of that experience. With the help of God, faith, family and friends things are much better now. While I’ve moved on I don’t think I’ll ever be completely over it or fine with it. Although never say never.

Things always have a way or working out. There’s a popular saying that goes something like “life is like a wheel, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down”. From the gutter where I was, life has a way of picking you up. Good things came my way.

My mom and dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. A milestone by any relationship’s standards. I’m glad to have parents like them. They show me the meaning of true love. While their relationship is not perfect, no relationship is they’re trying their best and have done great so far.

I also got a chance to be featured in Genzyme’s Annual report. They sent a wonderful photographer named Chris Kirzeder over to Manila to take my picture. That was quite an experience.

February came and we lost one of our classmates. J.P. tragically passed away when he was a victim of a stabbing incident. It’s always sad when people die needlessly. It’s sadder when it’s someone you know and shared a experiences with.

I was nominated as a finalist for “The Philippine Blog Awards” last March. Unfortunately I did not win. It’s well and good because the winners deserved the win. I was just happy to get the nomination.

My 30th infusion came on April. 30’s a big number and I was just happy that after 30 infusions I haven’t had any bad incidents with it.

Genzyme’s annual report also came out in April. I got a kick out of seeing my face on a publication for an international company. I think it came out well, thanks to the photography skills of Chris.

May saw some problems again for me as my Bi-Pap machine went on the fritz. Luckily I was able to have it repaired and eventually even added a new machine to my arsenal. I now have 3 Bi-Pap’s that I rotate. When you’re dependent on a machine for breathing, you tend to get paranoid. 3 machines are good safety measure.

I had quite a scare in June. I thought that something was wrong with my heart. Turns out that my Bi-Pap just needed adjusting. Everything turned out after several trips to the doctor. I’m happy that up to now, I’m feeling good with my new settings.

I feel bad that the second half of the year saw me blogging less. I got busy and found little time to write. It’s not to say that the second half of the year was uneventful. Far from it. It was still quite an exciting year.

The second half saw me attend my first SFC conference in a long time. Add to that it was the first time I’ve gone on an out-of-town trip without my parents in years. I’ve always been afraid the last couple of years to travel without family because of my health situation. I felt I was doing well enough that it would be safe for me to do so. So I did. I had a blast!

It was also during the second half of the year that I was presented with the chance to participate in the village elections in a way that I’ve never done so before. I actually ran for “Bargangay Kagawad” or as a member of the village council. It was a great experience and I met some great people. My running mates were really a good bunch of people and I was happy to get to know them. Unfortunately we all lost to the incumbent. Still I will always treasure that experience. I’ve learned a lot from it.

It was this year that I also turned 30. If you know me and my story, you’ll know how important that number is to me. When I was growing up and was first diagnosed with Pompe disease the doctors we consulted earlier on told us that I might not live past the age of 30. So, that stuck to my head. It seemed at that time that it might be the proverbial finish line for me. With Myozyme, the treatment I’m getting, I’m feeling much better and I see myself really living past the age of 30. The past 30 years of my life have been great! Not perfect but great nonetheless. I’m truly thankful to God for giving me a wonderful life, loving family and great set of friends. I’m praying that the next 30 years or so of my life will even be better.

I was given the great honor of being named one of the 5 most inspiring PWD (Person With Disability) entrepreneurs for 2007. The award was given by the Go Negosyo group, an organization that is promoting entrepreneurship. I’m not sure if I truly deserve the honor but I’ll take it nonetheless.

These are just some of the things that have happened to me this past year. There are a whole lot of other things that transpired but I’d rather not bore you with it. Needless to say that as a whole it’s been a great year. I have a lot to be thankful for. 2007 has been good.

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  1. As that song in “Rent” goes, we can measure a year in many ways, but the best way is to measure in Love. After reading this, I can see you’ve done exactly that, measuring in Love, miracles (no miracles are too small), and blessings from God. I think you are truly amazing and deserving of all the blessings God can give.

    Here’s to a great year ahead! Keep writing, sir!

  2. hi there, i was searching for a painting for sale til i reached your blogsite. I admire the way you express yourself and now im one of your avid fans. I also maintain my own blogsite. Anyways, i wish you a great year ahead and God bless you.

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