The Weak May Become Strong

I was going through my daily readings for today. I’m quite proud I made it two weeks straight of daily prayer. I share not to brag but only to give encouragement to others and myself.

The commentary for today from talked about St. Mark. I do not know St. Mark’s full story and I’m pretty sure that it is a remarkable one as most of their stories are, instead I was struck by a particular line in the commentary that said.

bq. “that the feeblest among us may through God’s grace become strong”

We live in a world where the common notion is that the strong rule over the weak. There’s a lot of emphasis on men who are muscular and strong, who wield the most power. It’s a world of survivor of the fittest.

Then there are people like me who were not blessed with strength like most. I have long realized that strength does not only come in a physical form. It comes in various ways. Some people are strong emotionally and psychologically. Some are strong spiritually.

Through the course of my life I’ve had moments where I needed to be strong. One of them was when I came to fully realizing what my disease was and what it meant for me. I’ve always drawn strength from the people around parents, my sibling, and friends. It’s helped a lot but one thing that got me through the tough times is my faith in God.

I am not a very religious person but I have strong faith in God. I guess it’s in that faith that I draw strength from each time adversity comes.

I sincerely believe in the saying above that even the weakest among us, can be strong if he or she has tremendous faith in God. I believe that God will give us strength to rise above the tough times for so long as we have faith in him. He will carry us through all our trials.

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