The Results Are In…

My test results are in. I have to undergo a battery of tests every 6 months. So I had a complete bloodwork done, chest x-ray, 2D Echo, ECG, Urinalysis and a Hearing test. Whew.. That was a lot.

I was a bit worried at first but after showing it to my doctor she eased my fears by pointing out that some of the results were expected but not worse than before. It actually got better.

The most notable of the test results were my CPK MB levels. With Pompe patients this marker is high. A high level of CPK MB means there’s muscle damage. When I started ERT my levels were 10 points higher than normal. On my third month it was only 2 points higher and now on my 6th month of treatment, they’re normal already. Hooray!

As for the others, my creatinine is low, magnesium is a tad high and the SGOT level is high. The low creatinine is nothing to worry about my doctor said. It’s probably because I’m under weight. It would be bad if it was high. As for the magnesium it’s just a tad high so nothing really to be bothered about. As for the SGOT, although it’s high, it’s lower than the previous one. So there’s progress

Chest x-ray is almost the same although she said that I should go see the pulmonologist just to be sure. Same with the 2D echo and ECG, we will consult the cardio.

So far things are looking ok. I do need to put on weight though… I really do.

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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    I am so happy to know that you are making progress with your treatment and medication. It is also comforting to read some new articles written in your website.By the way, i am still waiting for the picture that i have requested before, but no hurry, i still have your old picture on my computer . i used it as my wall paper. Every morning before i start working, i pray and i always include you in my prayers. Take care and God bless.

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