The Importance of Perseverance

“The man who forms the habit of beginning without finishing has simply formed the habit of failure”

The above quote is from the book “Streams in the Desert” by L.B. Cowman. It’s one of the books I read on daily basis as part of the habit of prayer I’ve been trying to form thess past few weeks.

I’ve been guilty of starting a lot of things that I have not finished or followed through. I’m sad about it because some of them could have turned into something great.

I want to change that. I’ve realized that one of the most important things a person should develop is perseverance. We should always push forward and not give up on things that are worthwhile.

Sometimes I give up on things easily. Especially when they’re difficult. One case in point is exercising. All my life I’ve had to go through physical therapy. Due to the nature of my illness, exercise does not pay off as well as how it does in normal people. Over time I struggled because I was not seeing results. We all know that it’s already difficult for normal people, it’s ten times more for me.

I realize now I was just not trying enough. I also gave up on it when I should have kept going.

Life is not easy. We won’t get things we want instantly. That’s why it’s important to keep persevering. To keep working towards something we want until we achieve that goal, whether it be something simple as completing a task at work or something important as being able to buy a house for your family. Worthwhile things sometimes don’t come easily in life.

Speaking of perseverance, did I ever tell you about my last trip to the US? I wanted to see a girl in the US last 2001. I decided I wanted to go to the US a year before. I had that goal in mind. I did not want to ask my parents for money for that trip. It was not a need it was a want. I worked and saved my salary for an entire year. I was finally able to put things together after a year. My parents offered to help even if I wanted to do it on my own.

I was set to fly September 9, 2011 but got delayed. Thank God because I was flying to New York. God works in mysterious ways.

After that my parents were reluctant to let me go. I really wanted to go. I told them that I would not unpack my suitcase until I returned from the US. No matter how long it would take. A month after they let me go. My dad flew with me to the states until I got to New York.

The trip was something I’d never forget. It’s something I’ve wanted to do and preserved to achieve. I wanted it badly enough. In the end it didn’t work out with the person I came to see but the time I spent in New York is something I would take with me for the rest of my life.

Things do happen when you set your mind to it.

The section where I got the quote from also talked about persevering in prayer. Sometimes we pray for something. We devote a day, a week or more praying for that intention but when it doesn’t come we give up on it. The author talked about praying for that intention until you got a clear and definite answer on what it is you’ve been praying about. God listens to us and sometimes he needs to know we’re committed to what we’re asking for before he tells us his answer. If we want something bad enough we should put in the effort towards it.

I have things that I pray for. Things I want for myself and for others. I’m going to continue to pray for it until I receive a definite answer. I will persevere and not relent. Prayer without action though is like hoping for a girl to go out with you but not asking her. So while I’m praying for those things I will do my part and work towards it too.

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