The Cure

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Pulitzer Prize winning author Geeta Anand has written a “book”: about a father’s struggle to find a “cure” for his two children with Pompe.

“The Cure” is the story of John Crowley, father of Megan and Patrick, two siblings afflicted with Pompe’s disease. Upon learning that both children had Pompe’s disease, John quit his well paying job to start a company dedicated to finding a treatment for Pompe. From a using his personal finances to raising venture capital, John was able to raise 27 million dollars to fund the companies’s search for a cure. In late 2001, the company was sold to Genzyme for a record 137.5 million dollars.

I’ve personally met John, his wife Aileen and Megan during my visit to the companies then headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. My impression is that they’re nice people. But it was a short visit so I really can’t say for certain.

The story has come under some criticism in some circles of the Pompe community. There are things about the story that didn’t sit well with them. I’ve heard some opinions but will reserve in making my own since I haven’t read the book.

I’ve placed an order for the book and awaiting it’s delivery from Amazon. Once I get a chance to read the book, I’ll let you know what I think.

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