Thanks For Visiting Bambi.. Again..

I’m really lucky to have friends like Bambi. She’s my most frequent visitor at the hospital. It’s good that her work takes her to PGH as well. So she really takes the time out to drop by everytime she’s there.

It’s always fun to have her around. Laughter is always present. Conversation always light. It’s a good thing because with her there in the room, my mind is away from my treatment thus ensuring that I remain calm…

Thanks Bambi! I really appreciate it.

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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    I hope that when i get to see you on my next vacation, it will not be in a hospital but in a track & field stadium, fully healed & recovered from your illness. I do believe in miracles and prayers can move the hand of God. Take care and God bless. hang on there friend

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