Somtimes You’re Down…

As the saying goes “Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down”, life is like a wheel, you can’t always be on top of the world. This week saw that happening to me. While I can’t really say that I’m down on the gutter, the week hasn’t gone my way.

I will be skipping my session this Tuesday. I got an SMS message from my doctor saying the Myozyme hasn’t arrived. They still have yet to receive word when it will be coming. It’s quite frustrating given the recent progress I’ve been making. But that’s life and sometimes things don’t go your way. It’s out of my hands so there’s nothing really I can do about it.

I missed several events that I wanted to attend to this week. First was our “Liga Grafica”: meeting. We hardly have meetings so when one was scheduled last Wednesday I really wanted to make it. Being Ash Wednesday I went to mass first before going to the meeting. However upon reaching the mall where our meeting was being held, my machine acted up (we figured out later it’s probably the car and not the machine’s fault) and I started coughing. That being said, I had to turn back and head home. It wasn’t worth the risk.

I wanted to attend a cooking demo, setup by my brother’s girlfriend last Saturday. I actually reached a bit further. I managed to make it to the place. After a few mins my cough started to act up again. I had to go home. It became worse when I got home. I couldn’t breathe and felt my lungs very heavy. I was on the verge of going to the emergency room. Good thing by that evening it got better. Coughing and respiratory problems are the scariest for me. Just a few minutes of not being able to breathe will kill you for sure.

We weren’t also able to attend the wake of the mother-in-law of Tita (aunt) Babes. That was a sad thing since Tita Babes and her husband has done so much for me. My mom and I really wanted to go but my mom decided to stay home as well since I wasn’t feeling good.

It’s time’s and events like this that get me down. It’s because I’m missing so much.

On the flip side, life can’t always be like this. Sometimes you’re up… I’m looking forward to getting back up.

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  1. Hi there Juan,

    Just read your bit on “sometimes you’re up”.
    Sorry that you had a week that was not so good. Guess we all get them from time to time but look on the bright side. It will get better again, it usually does. 🙂
    Hope you get your Myozyme soon. How is it going? Can you see improvement? Hope so very much.
    Have a good one today and cheer up my friend. Thinking of you and saying a prayer.

    Best and smiles,

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