Searching For Greatness

I’m turning 29 in a few weeks… Boy, 29… I know people will kill me when they read this but for me, 29 seems really old. Not just because of the physical years but I feel old simply because at 29, what do I have to show for it? Seriously…

I’m turning 29 in a few weeks… I’m not married, not in a serious relationship, not rich, not even highly accomplished. To add to that I’m really at a crossroads on what I’m going to do with my life.

The past year has been really good to me. I’m almost a year into my treatments. My condition has not deteriorated and I even think it has improved slightly. My family is good, they’re healthy and doing ok. My family has had it’s share of losses this year, notably the passing of my grandfather but all in all the year has been good.

So why o’ why am I feeling this way? I guess it’s because I’m still searching for greatness….

I’ve always believed that we should use our lives to do something great. I was thinking about writing this entry a few weeks back when I read “Gabe’s Post”: on his blog. He mentioned that he was also searching for something great to do. He mentioned that Jesus was 33 when he started his public life, St. Ignatius of Loyola was 33 when he wrote the spiritual exercises, etc.. I’m 4 years away of being 33 so there’s ample time to think about something great to do.

I’ve always imagined that I’d do something life changing. Not just for me but for others as well. I hope I get to do it.

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