R.I.P. Jay Tayag (Feb 15, 2007)

Jay or J.P. Tayag was a classmate of mine during highschool. We were good friends back then. He was a happy person. Full of energy. I’ve since lost touch with him after we graduated from college. We still went to the same college but not as classmates anymore.

So it was totally a shock when I received an SMS Thursday morning. The message said that Jay died at the hospital that morning from stab wounds. He was stabbed the night before. 8 times I’ve been told at a restaurant in Quezon City. The guy who stabbed him got away.

It comes totally as a shock. It just goes to show, you never know when your time is up. Whenever someone I know dies, I’m always reminded that we’re on borrowed time. I guess we really just have to live life to the fullest. Something I haven’t been doing the past few months.

I’m at a comfort zone that I find it scary to leave it. I should. I might end up regretting it if I don’t.

To Jay, wherever you are my friend, I hope you’re happy and at peace. I’m sure you’re up there in heaven happy. I’ll see you there my friend. Hopefully not for a very long time though.

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