Pinoy Bloggers Meet

_photo courtesy of Yugatech (Abe)_
_I’m in the photo somewhere…_

Pinoy (another term for Filipino) bloggers met up last night at “Italliani’s Greenbelt 2”: This dinner was organized by “Jayvee”: and Abe (Yuga) of “Yugatech”: fame.

It was a great night. I got the chance to meet and network with other Pinoy bloggers. We spoke, shared experiences with blogging. Most are just personal or amateur bloggers while some were ProBloggers making decent money out of it. I consider myself a semi-pro blogger. I blog through this site and through “The After Mac”: which is a blog owned by “B5 Media”: I make a tiny as in microscopic amount of money from “The After Mac”: since it’s not a popular blog.. yet.

I’m happy to have met fellow bloggers “Abe”:, “Markku”:, “Chris”:, “Anton”:, “Noel”:, “Angelo”:, “Ricky”:, “Gail”:, “Sasha”: as well as non-bloggers but connected to them, Anne and Trinny. I hope that this isn’t our last meeting. I’m looking forward to more.

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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    I am glad to know that you had a nice time meeting up with your fellow bloggers, i am sure by now your site has become very popular due to your TV and print media stints. I saw you in the picture, you are behind the two guys wearing orange t-shirts, right? Take care always and continue inspiring other people through your sunny disposition and optimistic approach of your daily challenges. My prayers are always with you.

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