Old Friends, True Friends

It’s sad that it took a tragic event such as the passing of our highschool friend JP to see old friends once again. A bunch of my classmates and I went to the wake of JP last night.

Dino, Cristine, Jason and his wife Aileen and Albert all went to my house at around 9:45 p.m. JP’s wake was in a church near my house. So we all decided to meet up at my place and go together as one group. Some of our other classmates were just going to meet us at the church itself.

The only guys I’m in touch with on a much more regular (every few months) is Dino, Cristine, Jason and Aileen. Dino and Jason were two of my very closest friends during highschool. Dino being my best friend in highschool. Cristine was our classmate as well but we weren’t really that close. It’s only now we’re getting closer since Dino and Cristine are going out with each other. Aileen is Jason’s wife and that’s how I got to know her.

It’s funny and great how despite not seeing them for periods of time things are still they same. When we’re together it’s as if no time passed by that we were apart. We have that bond that there’s no awkward stage. It’s literally picking up from where we left off. Of course there are some things that are different. A few more pounds here and there, can you believe it me included. I was an anorexic 60 plus pounds when I was in highschool. Not really a pretty sight.

I guess that’s really a measure of how true or good friends you are with people. You form such a great bond that despite time, distance or whatever maybe in the path of your friendship, it still transcends that. Your friendship still remains.

With regards to Dino, I really owe him a lot. My highschool years were one of the hardest times of my life. It was the transition between being able to walk and not being able to. By the time I was in my senior year, I could barely walk. I had to walk with a brace and assistance. Even with those, walking was at a snail’s pace. Add insult to injury, my school was in a building that was four storeys high. No elevators. I had to climb those stairs everyday just to get to class. There were times that we’d have to go down to the laboratories to attend other classes. I dreaded those days.

Dino stuck by me during those times. He was the one who’d walk with me. Even though he knew it might get him into trouble and make him late for class as well. He never left me to be alone. On times that we really needed to make the class on time, he’d carry me on his back and run just so we could make it.

Apart from that, we were really good friends and we got along well. I guess one of the best things I got out of dealing with Pompe is the true friendships I’ve formed.

It was good to see our other classmates as well. Jon and Kel. RJ went to the wake as well but we didn’t reach him. He went home before we arrived.

I also saw Benj and got to meet his wife Pia. Benj is JP’s cousin. I didn’t meet him in school but at a physical rehab center I used to go to. He was an intern there when I met him. Glad to see he’s doing ok and that he decided to stick it out here in the Philippines instead of going to the United States like most Physical Therapists do.

It seems like we were just in class yesterday. That was 12 years ago. Next time guys, I hope to see you under better circumstances.

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