New Fight Pompe Products At Cafepress

I just updated the “Fight Pompe Cafepress Store”: Some new things to note.

1. *Premium Store* I upgraded the store to a premium store. The reason being is that with a basic store you can only sell one design per item. Ex. you can only make on design of the Ringer T shirt. You can’t add new designs to that particular shirt. The work around to this would be to open another basic store for a new design set. I didn’t want to do that. With a premium store you can make unlimited designs for a particular product.

It was also a good thing that Cafepress decided to offered to comp the first 6 months of the premium store. Which means it’s free for the first 6 months. By that time, I hopefully should have raised enough funds to pay for the monthly payments.

!/images/17.jpg (Families Unite to Fight Pompe T-shirts)!

2. *New Designs* I added a new shirt design. If you’ve read my post on the “2nd Fight Pompe Illustration”: I incorporated this to some shirts. Although I did modify the design a little. Watch the “Fight Pompe Store”: and this blog to for new products. I’ll be adding them in the next few weeks.

Hopefully these new changes wil mean good things for Fight Pompe. With Myozyme coming out in the market the Pompe community should now be really creative in looking for ways to make sure that every single patient gets Myozyme regardless of financial situation. Hopefully Fight Pompe can help even in a small way.

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  1. this is borderline tangential, but i just realized something.

    let’s say i were to be lucky enough to identify a previously undiscovered metabolic disorder and i name it with my surname. it wouldn’t be that much fun to have people saying “FIGHT my name here”, right? Hehe.

    Ironically, the pioneers of the early research work get sort of demonized – no thanks to their preference to name diseases after themselves. hehe.

    just random thoughts. good luck in your crusade, sir. the images look rather nice.

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