Myozyme Is Here!


I received some good news today. One of my doctors sent me a text message saying that the Myozyme shipment has finally arrived at their office. Woohoo!

It’s a week late but still better now than never. We scheduled a Tuesday infusion which is the soonest we can do it. My doctors are only available on that day or Thursday. Tuesday is also my birthday. Eventhough there are other ways or places I’d like to spend my birthday on, the hospital is a good place as any. Why? Well simply because it means I’m getting my infusion on that day. That’s a blessing. That’s a great birthday present.

Now only one more thing is in the way of my infusion. Getting a room! The hospital currently is fully booked that we can’t even reserve a room. They told us to call back Sunday afternoon to see if there’s a room available. I’m crossing my fingers.

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