My Wish List

My friends “Carlo”: and “Nono”: started their own respective Christmas wish lists. So I thought I’d follow suit and start my own. Not that I expect it to come true but hey, you never know. I’ve modified it a bit. This will be my *Christmas and Birthday Wish List*. Sometimes it’s just good to list dreams and wishes down. Maybe one day you can look back at it and see if it came true.

h2. My Super Improbable Will Most Likely Not Come True But Can’t Hurt To Wish For List

* Peace on earth. I pray that all the war and strife that’s going on in the world will end. Now!
* Find a cure and treatment for all diseases known to Man.
* End Poverty
* For everyone to just get along. C’mon people can’t we just love and respect each other. Our differences as well as similarities.

h2. My It Can Happen Although It Will Take A Miracle List

* Every Pompe patient all over the world receive Myozyme. It’s a really high mountain to climb but I think it can be done.
* I win the lottery or someone to give me a million dollars. Hey, I didn’t say it will come true but it can. Right?!? Ok so maybe not a big chance..
* I’ll be able to get off my Bi-Pap and not have to use it anymore. I’d be really happy to give away my Bi-Pap to a hospital or someone who needs it.
* I’ll be able to get off my Wheelchair and start walking again. Now wouldn’t that be something?
* “PSOD”: reaches it’s goal of raising the targetted amount for the endowment fund in less than 5 years.
* To Find someone who loves me and someone I love back as well. Yes, in a romantic sense. I have people who love in a friend and family way 🙂

h2. My Selfish And Materialistic Wish List.

* A Studio or 1br Condo or Apartment. Why? I just think at my age I should be making investments now that will help ensure my financial situation in the future. I’d like to have this rented out. It’s part of my plan to build assets. Getting old is expensive.
* A “MacBook Pro”: My Powerbook is getting old and outdated… But really.. I just want one coz I’m just love it. That’s really just it.
* An “iBot Mobility System”: go visit the web site and you’ll see why I want this… Trust me…
* “Apple Cinema Display”: The Monitor of choice for Mac guys like me.

h2. My Selfish And Materialistic but A Bit More Realistic Wish List

* The “Macally Icekey”: keyboard. Saw this in a video… This keyboard looks sweet.
* “Apple Wirless Mighty Mouse”: I have the old Apple Bluetooth mouse and it looks like the Mighty Mouse will be a worthy upgrade. I just really hate cables and want to have as few of them as possible.

h2. My Realistic Wish List That I’ll Be Happy To Get Even If I Don’t Get The Others

* For the important people in my life to remember me on my birthday and christmas.
* A kiss and a warm hug from the above mentioned people.
* To spend those days with my family and people that really matter.

So there.. Most of this might not come true but like I said, I’d be happy with the last three wishes.

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