My Vote Is Cast

Votes Are In

For those who know me, you understand that it’s not that easy for me to make the trek to the voting precinct or any where for that matter. However it is my civic duty as a Filipino citizen to cast my ballot and make my voice heard as to who I want to lead our country.

This election is very important. It’s the first time that our nation will have automated elections. It’s an untested system being administered by a government institution who’s credibility is extremely low. That has a lot of people worried. More than that, we’ve been under GMA for the past 9 years. While her allies say we’ve made progress a lot of us Filipinos feel like we’ve been going backwards.

So I made the trek to my polling precinct. I was lucky that I went around 4 in the afternoon. The lines were non-existent and only the heat made it difficult to vote.

The actual filling up of the ballot took all of 5 mins, while the whole experience was around 20 mins. All in all it was a good experience for me. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the country but a lot of reports of failed counting machines, vote buying and election violence reminds us that while we live in a democracy it’s still severely lacking.

I cast my vote not only for myself. I cast my vote for the millions of Filipinos who have no access to adequate health care and education. Those two are the most important issues for me. I voted for candidates who in my opinion will make progress towards a Philippines wherein you don’t have to go bankrupt because you’re sick or because you sent your children to school.

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  1. Hello Juan, ran across your blog today and thought I would say hello. I was diagnosed about ten years ago with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and my neurologist thinks I may have Pompe disease. I am having a test done soon to find out. I have been sleeping with the aid of a Bipap machine for many years now. Looks like you use one the help you breath all of the time. Good luck with your infusions. I hope they help you a great deal.

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