My Summer Look

We’re going on our annual Holy Week break. My family usually goes to a place near the beach where my mom’s side of the family usually get together.

It’s been really hot and humid here. I also have been irritated with my hair so with all those things combined, I decided to just cut it all off. So here’s my summer look. Goatee included.


I was trying to keep myself from laughing while taking this picture in front of the web cam. So if I look like a dork, well…

Maybe it’s temporary insanity. The goatee will probably get shaved after the break. As for the hair, it’s not the first time I cut it off, I’ll probably keep it till summer is over. Maybe longer is people like it. Hahahaha.

7 Replies to “My Summer Look”

  1. new infusion, new haircut! hehe. fitting. incidentally, my also celebrated my birthday on the day of your latest infusion – stars seem to align for the better during that date for reason. hehe.

    take care. and yeah, thanks for the email, man.

  2. I like your new looks. Britney Spears started the bald look for 2007 & the rest of the stars followed. She even tried selling those hairs for whopping $1M. we can also sell off ur new looks plus the goatee (hehehe). Manoy Yong & family here w/ me in spore for holy week break. Wen am i expecting you? INGAT LAGI

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