Love Is Evol

Two of my friends, Gabe and JC thought about forming a group, they decided to include me and thus GeekChorus was formed. It’s a group that in so little words, wants to make Geekiness Cool or socially accepted. Meaning, it’s fun and cool to do smart things. Having a good time doesn’t have to equal booze, drugs, excessive partying, etc.. I’d like to think about it as being the Anti-Paris Hilton so to speak.

Anyway, last Feb 14, 2007 GeekChorus staged its first event called LOVE IS EVOL. It was a valentine’s party for single folks. Ok, those with partners are also welcome…

The event featured a live acoustic performance by Gabe’s old band “Da Pulis”. Lomomanila was also there for a Lomo Wall Installation. A reading of breakup letters rounded up the event.

It turned out to be a great event and managed to even raise money for “PSOD”:

I felt bad, I couldn’t make the event. I had come from the hospital the day before and was feeling tired that day. Plus it was the only day I could do the interview with “HappySlip”:

Check out the “Love is Evol Page”: here.

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