Just Push

I woke up late today. I wanted to get up early so I could catch the 11 a.m. mass at Club Filipino. I guess the week of working long nights took its toll. My body did not cooperate. I woke up at noon, so much for mass at 11.

Things have a way of working out though. I found out that there was a 5:30 p.m. mass at the Holy Family Chapel at V-Mall. For those unfamiliar V-Mall is a shopping mall near where I live. It’s about a 5 min walk, or in my case roll from our building. So I decided to hear mass there.

It turned out to be a good mass. I liked the priest. His name is Father Christian from the Oblate of St. Joseph. His sermon was not long and boring. He had an post mass sermon though and apparently that’s his style.

He talked about faith and how we should anchor our faith in God and just believe that he will get us through our problems.

Father Christian talked about faith. He told a story about a man trying to push a rock and God telling the man that next time he should push with faith, something to that effect. So Father Christian said that when we’re faced with problems we should just keep pushing. Love life is not working out? Push. Work problems? Push. Owe a lot of money and having trouble paying it off? Keep pushing.

He later revealed that push was not just pushing forward. It was actually an acronym. P.U.S.H. or Pray Until Something Happens. Simply put Father Christian wanted to imply that the power of faith and prayers goes a long way.

Given that I am trying to get into the habit of daily prayer, I agree. However I’d like to qualify that we shouldn’t just pray and do nothing else. Push also means keep on working towards something. Give it all you’ve got. As the saying goes, do your best and let God do the rest. Some people often keep praying and yet blame God when things don’t go their way. The simple fact is that they didn’t do their part. We all should do our part.

I’m trying to do my best to put my life together. I’ve been trying to do it on my own. I’ve done ok. I think I can do better. I’m trying to put God more in the center and have more faith. Hopefully, coupled with hard work it will get me further.

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