John Mayer On My Mind

It started with a tweet from Kelvin to Marc. He was telling Marc to check out who’s driving a Land Rover Defender in his music video. I checked it out too because the Defender is one of my “realistic” dream cars. By realistic I mean at least my wheelchair will fit in it. I’m not saying I can afford it.

Just like that I was hooked with John Mayer’s new song “Shadow Days”. It’s about someone who’s basically good but has had a tough past and probably did some questionable things. He’s trying to put it behind him.

This new song shows how great an artist Mayer is. It has a country influence and yet he still finds a way to make it his own.

I was sorry to hear that he’s battling throat cancer. Although they say it’s not life threatening, cancer is still terrible, no matter what form it is.

That video on YouTube led to some other videos of John Mayer. What caught my attention was clips from John Mayer and Keith Urban’s episode on CMT’s “Crossroads”. Crossroads is a show on CMT wherein they pair up a country artist with another mainstream artist.

Mayer and Urban’s show was nothing less than awesome. Those two artists are such excellent singer and guitar players that it’s such a treat to see them perform together.

They played their songs as well as a cover of George Michael’s “Faith”. I loved that rendition most. “If Ever I Could Love” and “Till Summer Comes Around” were some of Urban’s songs while “Gravity” and “Perfectly Lonely” were some of John’s.

There are some artists that I just like even years after. I still love John Mayer’s “Room for Squares” album and the songs are still on my playlist. It’s nice to see his growth and progression.

It’s great to know too that John is a watch lover like me. He even mentions it in the interview portion of Crossroads. He said he could get out of music and be passionate about watches.

Well enjoy these videos from CMT’s Crossroads.


Till Summer Comes Around

Perfectly Lonely


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