It’s What You Do Everyday That Matters

I love that you get to see such random things in Facebook. Today a friend of mine posted this quote.

bq. “Just because you go to church on Sunday… Does not mean you can act like an asshole the rest of the week.”

That made me laugh. It’s funny. It’s also true for some people. I’ve seen and heard about a lot of people who go to church religiously but the moment they step out they become monsters. There are also people who go to church religiously yet they violate the commandments of God like they’re mere suggestions.

I believe that it’s important to follow the traditions and rituals of religions, Christianity included. However I firmly believe as well that it’s how you live your life outside of those rituals and traditions that matter the most.

Your life won’t be measured by how many times you prayed the rosary, go to mass or whatever religious ritual you may have. Your life will be measured by the good you do in the outside world and how well you treat other people.

Life can’t be all about theory. It has to be put into practice. Mother Teresa was well known and loved because she put Christian teachings into practice. She didn’t just pray for God to help the poor, she went out and did her part.

In the end what matters is how we live our lives everyday and not what we do on Sundays inside the church. I would consider a man who didn’t go to church at all and yet loved his neighbor as if it was his own brother, a better person than a man who goes to church everyday but as soon as he steps out treats other people poorly.

Of course it’s always better to pray and be a good person. If you could only do one though, be a good person everyday. It’s like praying too.

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