Infusion Setback

I suffered my first major infusion setback ever since starting the ERT. As I said in one of my previous post’s “Infusion Postponed”: I got sick with some kind of bacterial infection. This resulted in a cough and fever. I was sick for almost a week. Not a good feeling. I hate being sick. Especially if it affects my respiratory health.

I thought that my infusion will only be postponed and that I can take it this week. Turns out not quite so. I had to skip this infusion as well. I’ll be resuming my regular infusions next week. The reason being, if I get my infusion this week, I have to skip my regular schedule next week because they can’t give it in succession. I’ll be waiting another 3 weeks to get back into schedule. I’m alternating with other patients who are also receiving ERT although for a different disease. Thus I have to stick to my schedule.

I told my doctor I’d be more comfortable skipping this one so I can go back to my regular schedule sooner. I also didn’t think it’s a wise decision for me to go to the hospital this week since I just recovered from my bout with the infection. My immune system might still be low and that I might catch something while at the hospital. I decided to play it safe.

So there, I missed an infusion session… From all the people I’ve asked there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference if I miss this one. I should be ok.

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