Infusion Reloaded (17th)

I’m back on track with my infusions! Hooray for that!

I finished my 17th infusion today. It went really well. My body cooperated and we had no problems today. I missed my doctors after a month of not seeing them. I tell you, it’s always a pleasure to go through the infusions because of the great people I spend time with. It’s always fun to talk to my doctors and nurses.

My room this time was really nice. It had new furniture. Well ok, not as nice as most private hospitals here but it was good enough.

After skipping an infusion, I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or it’s really the effect of the enzyme but I do feel different. The past week I was feeling tired and sluggish. I felt as if I have no energy. I would wake up still feeling tired. After receiving the infusion today I feel much better. My body feels a bit more lively. Is it just imagination or the effect of the enzyme? I’m not reall sure. Some of the patients I’ve talked to said that even if they skipped an infusion they really don’t notice any difference. Oh well.. The good thing is I’m feeling good again. I hope it continues.

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