I’m A Finalist! Hooray!!!

!http://www.fightpompe.com/images/32.png (The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards)!

I knew a few weeks back that I got nominated to the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards but there were so many nominees that I really didn’t think I’d be a finalist. In fact I almost forgot about the whole thing till Josh messaged me today and congratulated me for making it as a finalist in the Personal Blog category. I was stunned.

So off I went to check out the Philippine Blog Awards web site and lo’ and behold I did make it to the finals. Thank you very much.

It’s certainly an honor to be included as a nominee and a finalist. I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to win, apart of me does but I’m just happy I made it as a finalist. I’m really not expecting to bag the award. Not with other notable blogs in the same category.

Congratulations to “Bikoy.net”:http://bikoy.net/, “Jessica Rules The Universe”:http://www.jessicarulestheuniverse.com/, “Last Leaf Design Chronicles”:http://www.lastleaf.org/ and “Misteryosa”:http://www.misteryosa.com/ for making it to the finals as well. Your blogs are terrific and I wouldn’t mind losing to anyone of you.

To the other finalists of the other categories, congratulations as well. See you on the 31st!

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  1. Hi Juan,

    Congratulations for being a finalist for the Philippine Blog Awards 2007 under the Personal Category.

    I’m part of the organizing team for the Awards Night.

    I’m making the rounds to gather the contact info and establish direct communication with the finalists. This will give us an avenue to give instructions and other details.

    May we ask for the following please?

    Real Name:
    Email address
    Mobile Number
    City and Country where you are based

    Once this is settled, we’ll know where to communicate the Awards Night details with.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    All the best to you and your blog.

    – Jun

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