Happy Father’s Day

To my dad, happy happy father’s day. You’ve always been, always will be my hero. Whatever I’ve become today I owe in part to you. You’ve always been there to support me. You never lost faith and hope in me. You’re the greatest dad on earth.

To all my uncle’s and cousins who are dads, happy father’s day to you too! You’re also great dads. I guess I’m really lucky to be a part of this family. I have a lot of role models to look up to, if and when I get to be one.

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  1. yup. life will always be beautiful. i am inspired by your story bro. you reminded me of my dad as well – he is a paraphlegic. he met an accident almost 20 years ago. but by God’s grace alone, he was able to slowly pick up the pieces of his puzzle. press on bro!

  2. just saw this in the news…hope you get well. it’s the first time i’ve heard of this diesease. and i agree with your fathers day post. i love my dad a lot too. he’s one of my biggest inspirations. hope you feel ok and keep your faith in God strong. GOd bless.

  3. hi dickoy,
    just saw u on Pipol. i just want u to know that ur story’s so inspiring. from now on u’ll always be in my prayers. God bless bro. and Happy Father’s day to ur dad… i know that he’s a very good father for supporting u all the way.

  4. Hi! dikoy…. u remind of my friend and classmate who is also surviving to this earth on what she wants to be.. she was diagnosed to have a juvenile diabetes and on stage four now… She had different surgeries and comatose life. And stil trying to survive….
    You are a great strength of my life and to my children.. you for your great faith and LOve to God.

  5. Dear Dickoy,

    As i read your article and the messages that were sent by some people, i wished just like most of you, i could say that i had a great dad, but on the contrary, my father made me suffer even before i was born, but then again, i thank God for him because without all the trials, humiliations and abuse that he let me suffer, i will not become a strong and considerate person that i am now. I am happy to see your picture with your father at the hospital. Seeing you in the hospital bed must have been a very difficult experience for him but i saw in him the figure of a father from whom your family draw inspiration and courage to face the challenges. God bless all the fathers , good or bad, they play a great role in shaping our character.

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