Happy Birthday Steve!

I want to wish my dear brother a happy, happy 25th birthday. I’m truly lucky to have a brother like you. I’m grateful for all these years that you’ve shown me how to be a good brother. You’re the epitomy of what a good brother should be. Kind, generous, loving and patient. I know it’s not easy to have a brother like me. It takes a lot of understanding and compassion to live with a brother who has a severe disability and yet I’ve never heard you complain about it. Not once.

One favorite anecdote I have of Steve is this.. When we were kids we had one of our usual chats. The topic of our discussion was what would we do if one of us won the lottery. My answer was “I’m going to buy a Range Rover”. I asked him what he’d do. His answer…”I’m going to donate the money to find a cure/treatment for Pompe.” Damn.. I was sooo ashamed at that time and in awe at how my brother loved me. All I could think of was a Range Rover and all he cared about was to see me get better. Now, how’s that for a brother.

To Steve, I wish you all of God’s blessings. I wish you enough. I hope that you get your hearts desires in the quantity that won’t make you take things for granted. I wish that life will be as good to you as how you are good to me.

I couldn’t ask for a better brother. For that I and our whole family is blessed to have you in it. I love you.

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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    I was inspired by your message to your brother. I actually read about your story from the Entertainment section written by Nina Corpuz. Rest assured that from now on, i will include you in my prayers and request from God that 30yrs. from now, you can still write your inspiring blogs and get to speak to other people who might ( God forbid) suffer from the same illness. God bless you always and thank you for making me realize that indeed, i may not be a celebrity but i can be a hero,even with my small circle of friends and family by being kind and understanding. Belated Happy Birthday to your brother Steve, he reminded me of my beloved brother Ray who has always been very supportive of me. Take care and take heart. God knows your condition and in His perfect will, your life will become more meaningful.- Randy

  2. dear dickoy,
    I just saw your interview on tv and I could not help but admire your courage and determination in the fight against your affliction. I’m here in LA and in the process of promoting this type of ionized alkaline water called KANGEN WATER. Through the process of electrolysis, the acid part is separated from the alkaline part of the water, which is what we need to drink in order to stay healthy and be freed from a lot of illnesses. Even doctors would readily admit that there is a need to maintain the alkalinic pH of our body fluids, otherwise we get sick. Go into http://www.kangenwater.com and learn more of this kind of water, dickoy. I really believe in this and who knows, with your strong faith in God, a miracle could still happen to you.

    give me a call if ever you’re here in LA. My # is (818)730-7735

  3. Hi Dickoy,

    It really is disheartening to know that there are still some people / establishment who have no regard for people with handicap and with only profit in their minds. Thank you for specifically mentioning the name of the food stall in Tiendesitas, i will advise my friends and relatives not to patronize that establishment and kudos to Mario’s for their consideration. – randy

  4. im so touched and inspired by your story. i kinda drop every now and then to your website and i find strength in going thru the rough times in my life. you inspire me to write stories, rekindle passion for life. i hope i can get to meet you someday..
    our regular lives seem pale compared to yours.. funny how people who can do a lot more choose not to. and those, like you, who others may see as hopeless can bring a lot more to life than all of us regular ones combined cannot accomplish in a lifetime.

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