To Mom On Her Birthday

On this day, some years ago (I won’t mention how long ago) a very special girl was born. She would grow up to be a great daughter, a good friend, a loving wife and a very kind and understanding mother. She simply became a wonderful person both inside and out.

I have had a lot of blessings in my life but most of them would fail in comparison to the blessing that is my mom. She’s was the one who brought my brother and I into this world and continues to give us life with the home that she has provided us. She has been selfless and put our needs above hers. At times sacrificing her own wants and needs just so she can give us a happy life.

Her life has been filled with sacrifices for her family. Not once complaining about it because for the people she loved, nothing mattered but their happiness.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs. Trials here and there but through it all she handled everything with grace.

A great testament to how good of a person my mom is, is the fact that I have not encountered a single person who does not like her. A lot of my friends become her friends as well. I can leave my friends with her and they probably would not notice that I was gone. She is loved by all.

On this, her birthday, my wish for mom is for her continued health and happiness. I also wish that all the sacrifices she made will bear fruit. She deserves to be happy and fulfilled. May the Good Lord shower her with all the blessings.

I love you mom!

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