Goodbye Lolo Dick

Goodbye’s are really hard. Especially if it’s for good. My Lolo (Grandfather) Dick passed away a few hours ago due to complications arising from his diabetes. He had kidney failure already and had been undergoing dialisys the past few years.

Lolo Dick was my mom’s dad. I have found memories of him as a kid. Being the eldest grandchild, I was one of his favorites. Maybe because I was the first one and thus spent a lot of undivided time with him. My brother who’s the second grandchild came four years after me.

He lived a full life. Accomplished a lot of things. I’m sad to see him go. Especially since the last few years haven’t been that good. I am happy though that at least he’s now at peace with our Lord. His suffering is through. His pain is gone.

Lolo, I know we’ve had misunderstandings. Our relationship hasn’t been perfect. My only regret is that I didn’t get to tell you I love you while you were still conscious. I know the past years haven’t been the best. I do love you.

I hope and pray you’re happy there in heaven. I’m sure Lola (Grandmother) is there waiting for you. I’m sure you both will be happy now that you’re together. I miss lola. Give her a kiss for me.

You’re in good hands now Lolo. You’re with God. He’ll take care of you. I’ll see you again one day but hopefully not for many years. I still have a lot to do here.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for giving me my mom. She’s a good mom. I’m sure you know that. She took good care of you. If there’s one thing you did right it was that you raised a good daughter.

Goodbye Lolo. Take care and God bless.

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  1. i said goodbye to my lolo ben (my mom’s dad) five years ago – april fools’ day. the doctors were already asking us if we were considering a ‘do not rescuscitate order’ should my lolo go into arrest. he was already unconscious for a week following a massive stroke. there were only two people who didn’t want the doctors to give up – and i was one of them. i “fought” hard for my lolo – even if all save for one of his children, my lola et. al. were all ready to pull the plug.

    in the middle of the chaos, my lolo succumbed to cardiac failure – and thus his sufferings ended. he didn’t want us to quarrell over him, i guess. til the very end, he still wanted to be the team player that he always was.


    and then, my mom forced me to deliver a eulogy during the wake. ARGH. i totally lost it.

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